March 11, 2010


Lama tak tgk wayang akhirnya 2 minggu lepas terpengaruh jugak dengan member2 ajak tgk. Diorang cakap cite tu tgk thriller die nampak macam best jgk..Tajuk die Solomon Kane. Ingatkan cite aksi zaman-zaman koboi..Rupanya cerite fantasy mengarut..hampeh..smp jalan cerita pun tak berapa nak faham..

Nie serba sedikit tentang sipnosis cerita Solomon Kane...

Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth's army fighting in Africa, where he comes face-to-face with the Devil's Reaper – a demon who collects the Devil's debts i.e. souls – refusing to go to hell just yet, he evades the Reaper and starts a new life in an English monastery. With this new life, Solomon has left-behind his culture of violence and bloodshed and instead now embraces the values of peace and non-values. But once he is expelled from the monastery due to the fear of the Devil's Reaper returning, he must travel back to his home in Devon and along the way he befriends a travelling family of puritans heading to the New World. On their journey through the British counties, the family is attacked, and their daughter Meredith (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is abducted by the evil sorcerer Malachi's army, which is lead on the front lines by the mysterious Masked Rider. Now a man of peace, Solomon must go back to his former life as a man of unrepentant violence and destruction to save Meredith.

nak tgk pictures dan tahu lebih lanjut blh click sini.

p/s : lepas ni nak tgk cerita Green Zone plak..nampak menarik je..lagi pun Mat Damon hero die (hero The Bourne)

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